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Highly Qualified - Highly Experienced - Highly Capable

  • BSC Honours Degree – Wildlife Conservation & Zoo Biology

  • Diploma – Veterinary Care Assistant

  • Certified – Animal First Aid Certified

  • DBS Checked – Disclosure and Barring Service

  • Recommended – Vets4Pets

  • Trained – Pet Groomer

  • Experienced animal trainer

  • Fully Insured – Comprehensive Policy

Hi, my name is Charlotte, my friends call me Lottie.

LottieI just love animals and always have done!

While it was commonplace for kids to earn their pocket money from paper-rounds, I started helping out at a cattery instead, and also spent all of my school holidays there.

Ever since I have dedicated my education and working life to animal care.

Having graduated from University with a Zoology and Animal Biology related degree, I worked at a Wildlife Park and Blackpool Zoo until recently establishing Lottie’s 4 Legged Friend.

I truly believe that pets love company – and that they need unending attention. I know how much a dogs miss their owners and love company, and I understand that I have to be even more attentive and even more loving to temporarily fill that space.

That’s what I do for every single 4 legged friend in my care.

  • Call me on 07786 088343

Lottie’s Dog Walking

I am passionate about dogs and how dogs communicate with us and also with one another.

I believe that my natural understanding of canine body language and behaviour sets me apart in the dog walking and doggy daycare world.

As a follower of the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) I adhere to a strict code of ethics, which has the welfare of your dog at its heart. I understand how dogs learn and always use 100% force free methods, only using positive reinforcement – whether playing or training any dog in my care.

Dogs have very individual personalities, and each have their own requirements during a walk. The consultation is to discuss a dog’s individual needs and tailor a walk to suit each dog’s individual character.


  • Call me on 07786 088343

Lottie’s Pet Boarding

My lovely 4 Legged Friends, welcome to my home – mi casa es su casa!

Having bred and owned giant as well as pet rabbits for over 10 years, I’ve become fully conversant with anything and everything bunny related.

I know our pets need space so my enclosures are high quality, custom made and spacious and I have large runs too. I also give all my 4 Legged Friends free range in my securely enclosed garden whenever possible.

I recognise that quality feeds are important and always use the best brands and highest quality products to care for my 4 Legged Friends.

I love it when owners come to inspect my facilities, as I’m truly proud of them! I love receiving their frequent and positive comments in recognition of my high standards in hygiene and cleanliness.

My many years of animal care have given me an almost 6th sense in recognising when a pet is not feeling at it’s best. My First Aid and Veterinary Care skills mean that I’m right there to help, day or night.

I have an association with Vet4Pets who are always very helpful and supportive if circumstances dictate.


  • Call me on 07786 088343

Lottie’s Pet Grooming

I’d love to give your pet that lovely salon and spa feeling and return them to you with a shiny and fragrant coat and happy disposition!

My normal pet spa day includes:

  • Oxygen-infused bath with shampoo & blow dry
  • 15-minute brushing
  • Dematting & haircut
  • Nail trim
  • Ear cleaning, hair removal & flushing (if needed)
  • Scissoring feet & pad shaving
  • Sanitary trim
  • Teeth brushing & breath freshener

I’m happy to meet your pet and tailor a special grooming programme, either one-off or regular to suit their exact needs.

  • Call me on 07786 088343

Lottie’s Pet Daycare & Homecare

Pet Sitting Approved

I currently care for many 4 Legged Friends, (some feathered and finned as well), and am thrilled to have many households that are regular clients.

I have fallen in love many times over with numerous 4 Legged Friends of mine, and I look forward to meeting more in the future.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think about how lucky I am to be able to pet a cat, walk a dog, feed a fish, or talk to a bird for a living.  It is a dream come true for me and I hope it comes across in the way I care for all my 4 Legged Friends.

When I visit to care for your pet, I also look out for your home while you are away.

Your pets are my number one priority, I will provide much needed company, feed, water, play, with them and clean their litter boxes out.

I feel it is also very important to give back to the community.  As a result I have spent several years working with various animal rescues based in Blackpool and abroad.  I am an emergency support carer for Furry Friends Pet Fostering Service in conjunction with Blackpool’s Fulfilling Lives.

  • Call me on 07786 088343

Lottie’s Pet Taxi

I am able to transport dogs, cats, mammals and birds to the vets, grooming parlour, puppy class, kennel/cattery, or anywhere your pet needs to go.

Whether you are at work, do not have your own vehicle or would rather a professional pet care transporter takes on the responsibility, I can transport your pet professionally and safely.

I will transport your pet safely and securely in a professionally converted vehicle.  Equipped to meet Type 1 Animal Transporter Authorisation, issued by DEFRA (meeting UK and EU legislation), my vehicle will be cleaned and sanitised thoroughly after each trip.

My vehicle is new and maintained to the highest standards and I use up-to-date GPS traffic management technology to ensure I reach our destination in the quickest time possible for each journey.

Lotties Taxi
Pet Taxi
  • Call me on 07786 088343

Lottie’s Pet Safari Outing

My absolute favourite day!

This is a bespoke day out for any of my 4 Legged Friends. It’s all about him or her.

Imagine your pet could describe it’s most perfect day; tell me what you think that may be and I’ll create it. Your pet will come home smiling from ear to ear with a happy disposition for many days ahead.

I’ve done special safari days out to change the scenery if there has been sadness in the home because a fellow pet has gone and it really did help lift the mood.

Likewise, during times when owners just don’t have the time they normally do for their pets and a ‘sorry’ is appropriate; there’s no better way than saying it by giving them an amazing day to make up for it.

I could spell out some choices, but that wouldn’t be right. This isn’t an off the shelf day out, it is tailored to each and every individual pet’s personal tastes and preferences. Don’t worry, I’ll come up with the plan, I just need to know YOUR pet first.

  • Call me on 07786 088343